Mécanique de Précision

MV is specialized in high precision machining of parts with complex shapes for all kinds of materials including low workability ones.

For over 30 years, MV has been producing small, medium and large batches of products used in various industries such as:
energy, aeronospace, medical, optical, hydraulic, weapon, automotive.


The MV team is composed of 60 professionals working in three-shift systems in order to manufacture as quickly as possible to meet the customer specifications and needs.

Its 2,500 sqm building accommodates a fleet of 38 CNC with a full range of specialized equipment such as EDM, milling as well as grinding, pickling, lapping and laser marking for surface finishing.
MV can even handle the assembly of subassemblies and part’s design offering a complete range of machinery and services at the leading edge of technology .

The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacturing (CAM) combined with the computerized production planning enable MV to offer the best compromise to customers: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost . Certified  EN 9100, IATF16949 , we are committed to continuous improvement. This commitment coupled with a 30-year long experience and know-how has enabled MV to become a major player in the machining industry.